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Modplug TrackerIf you've ever dreamed of creating your own music, you've just found the perfect tool to do so! If you have a Windows-based PC, you can use the MODPlug Tracker (MPT) to discover the music inside!

ModPlug Tracker makes use of features common to Microsoft Windows programs, such as context menus for effect selection, "tree" views for files, samples, and patterns, and drag-and-drop functionality throughout. It supports both loading and saving of IT (Impulse Tracker), XM (FastTracker Extended Module), MOD and S3M (Soundtracker) files, loads many sample file formats, and has some support for DLS banks and soundfonts.
MODPlug Tracker Quick Start Kit
If you want to dive right in to tracking and have everything that you need in one package, this Quick Start Kit is for you. The Kit contains the original MODPlug Tracker (1.16, which can be upgraded to 1.17 at any time) as well as the MODPlug Tracker Tutorial, VST effects for your songs, extended instructions on using MIDI files with the MODPlug Tracker, and example songs. If you are new to the MODPlug Tracker or new to Tracking in general, this Kit is highly recommended.
The Different Versions of MPT
The original author of the MODPlug software, Olivier Lapicque, has made the source code of the MODPlug Tracker public. Now that it is "Open Source", there are other versions of the Tracker available. Originally, the Open Source version of the Tracker was known as "MPT Wild!", but is now simply known as OpenMPT. Development information and downloads can be found on the project's SourceForge page.
The version that is available for download from this site is the last version released by Olivier Lapicque and does not contain many of the great new features that have been added since the project went Open Source. More information on the OpenMPT version of MODPlug Tracker can be found at the OpenMPT Wiki.
More Details
  • Up to 127 channels supported for editing (up to 256 virtual channels)
  • The following formats are supported for import:
    • *.669: UNIS 669, 669 Composer modules.
    • *.AMF: ASYLUM Music Format / Advanced Music Format
    • *.AMS: Velvet Studio AMS 1.x modules.
    • *.DBM: DigiBooster modules.
    • *.DSM: DSIK modules.
    • *.FAR: Farandole Composer modules.
    • *.GDM: General Digital Music
    • *.IMF: Imago Orpheus
    • *.IT: Impulse Tracker modules.
    • *.MED: OctaMED modules.
    • *.MID: MIDI Files
    • *.MDL: DigiTracker 1.x modules.
    • *.MID: Midi Files.
    • *.MO3: MO3-compressed modules.
    • *.MOD: ProTracker modules (4-32 channels, 15/31 samples).
    • *.MPTM: OpenMPT modules.
    • *.MT2: MadTracker 2 modules.
    • *.MTM: MultiTracker modules.
    • *.NST: NoiseTracker modules.
    • *.OKT: Oktalyzer Modules.
    • *.PSM: Epic Megagames MASI.
    • *.PTM: PolyTracker modules.
    • *.S3M: ScreamTracker III modules.
    • *.STM: ScreamTracker II modules.
    • *.ULT: UltraTracker modules.
    • *.UMX: Unreal Music Packages.
    • *.WAV: Wave Files.
    • *.WOW: Grave Composer modules.
    • *.XM: FastTracker II modules.
    • All the above when zipped or compressed: (ZIP, LHA, RAR or ITZ, XMZ, S3Z, MDZ, MPTMZ, MDR).
  • The MODPlug Tracker can save in the following formats:
    • MPTM: OpenMPT module file.
    • IT: Impulse Tracker modules.
    • MOD: ProTracker modules (4-32 channels, 15/31 samples).
    • MID: Convert module to MIDI file.
    • S3M: ScreamTracker III modules.
    • XM: FastTracker II modules.
    • WAV: Wave Files (Direct-to-disk recording 8/16/24-bit, mono/stereo)
    • MP3: Compressed MP3 file (with proper DLL)
  • There are two display modes, to respect FT2/IT notation: MOD/XM (commands are displayed from 0 to X) and S3M/IT (commands are displayed from A to Z)
  • You can edit multiple songs at the same time.
  • The following sample formats are supported in the current version:
    • *.WAV: Uncompressed Windows Wave File (PCM 8/16bit, mono/stereo).
    • *.XI: Samples from XI instruments.
    • *.PAT: UltraSound GF1 Patches (8/16-bit mono)
    • *.S3I/*.SMP: ScreamTracker 3 / DigiTracker Samples
    • *.ITS: Impulse Tracker Samples
    • *.RAW: Support for importing any file as RAW sample data.
    • *.AIF/*.AIFF/*.8SVX/*.8SV: Apple AIFF and 8SVX Audio Files
    • *.DLS: Downloadable Sounds Banks
    • *.SF2: SoundFont 2.0 Sound Banks
    • FastTracker II XI and Impulse Tracker ITI instruments are supported for import/export.
  • Copy/Paste between different songs. It also allows you to use a windows-based sample editor, and paste the samples directly into your song.

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