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tz! :ftp.uwp.edu :
_________ _______________ ___ ___ ______________ :ftp.eng.ufl.edu :
/ _ \/ __________ | | \/ ___________/ :ftp.luth.se :
/ | \ __)___/ : : \_______ \ :ftp.sun.ac.za :
_/ | \_ \_ _ \_ | \_ :ftp.uni-erlangen.de :
\_______|_______/_________/_____|________/___________/ :ftp.uni-paderborn.de:


Filename.ext | Location | Description
2krad4u.zip alpha/NEW - Joke demo--more later. PC/CGA
3dfloor.zip deleted - Move 3D floor with cursor.
amourfou.zip alpha/NEW - A [French] gore BW slideshow--Body parts.
asm-94_2.zip alpha/NEW - FC/SONIC's ASM94 invitation/info intro #2.
atdll.zip deleted - Visual Basic v3.0 something or other.
chaos386.lzh alpha/NEW - Takes awhile but looks like leave tunnel.
drivesex.zip source - Gives drive existence A-Z and type. ASM
gallery.zip source - For Inconexia's art gallery sequencer.
gusdk221.zip music - The newest gus sdk stuff.
lance211.zip ansi - Bug fixed version of lance211.zip.
mtgrap1.zip utils - For developing graphical displays in Mode 13h.
pcm100.zip source - Tran's PMODE v3.02, B C++ interface/lib, etc.
scgroup.zip deleted - Containted corrupt midi stuff.
tcman2.zip deleted - More windoze weird stuff.
text_eng.zip source - Texture map, globe/sphere C code.
vs-cd20.zip deleted - CAT DIZ v2.0--ID extractor.
wild.arj alpha/NEW - Technomaster's (Poland) SB demo. Not so wild.
wincode.zip deleted - Uuencoder for windows. How'd this get here.
xanadu.zip alpha/NEW - Xanadu's intro.
xkubo201.zip libs - Newest X lib pascal stuff.

ANSI: ali-0794.zip, av120.zip, bad-0694.zip, ciapak12 & 13.zip,
emigre1.zip (ansi disk mag), ice-9406.zip, lap-0794.zip,
imp0494 - imp0694.zip, nat-0794.zip, shv-0794.zip, tribe-12.zip,
uni-0794.zip, vor-0794.zip, wbl-0694.zip

A few of the ANSI's above were corrupt thus were not moved to the /ansi
directory. (i.e. ciapak12 and ciapak13 as well as lap-0794)


Lots of ANSI stuff was uploaded this past week. Of course, now that the
ANSI directory takes up 100 MEGS of space on this site we are probably
going to have to sixth (delete) some of the old stuff. I will try to
make provisions with some/all of the mirrored sites to see if they
would be willing to keep the older stuff before I delete anything. But
be warned that the deleting may start soon as we only have 25 Megs of
free space currently. Maybe someone out there could DONATE a GIG hard
drive for this site and this would not have to happen. Hey, they cost
less than a grand now.

GUS & SB16:

I recently got a SB16 w/ SCSI for my computer and have been trying to
configure it for the best results. So far the best I have come up with is:

SB16 IRQ 7, I/O 220, DMA 1, DMA 5 | MIDI I/O 300 | SCSI I/O 340, IRQ 10
GUS IRQ 11, I/O 260, DMA 7, DMA 7 | MIDI I/O 330

Problems: Goldplay seems to hate the SB16 on 240 (demos like JUMP, JUNGLY
KITCHEN failed on port 240). But maybe it could be a result of the SCSI I/O.
PLUS, most demos like I/O 220, IRQ 7 as if it were the standard.
Some GUS demos aren't coded well enough to detect I/O 260 (all work on 220).

Does anyone have these two sound cards working together with few problems?
If so, please let me know -- dmw@eng.ufl.edu -- what setup you have.


2krad4u as most you know is a pretty lame demo--CGA/PC--but it does deliver
a pretty good message. Are most demo coders too serious? Well, this guy
believes so and I tend to agree with him. Wheres TWILIGHT ZONE and those
funny demos to break the ice every now and then...ahhh, lighten up.


Want to receive DEMONEWS.xxx every SUNDAY via E-mail? Mail dmw@eng.ufl.edu

If you did not receive this via E-mail and should have then mail us again.
Sometimes mistakes are made in writing down addresses and bounces are
often deleted from the list. The list contains 250+ addresses.

For TOP25DL, check the /news directory for the file top25dl. I try to
update it on a regular basis. Future plans do include mailing it to
people again.


Volume 1 _______________ Issue 12
/\ /\ |
/ \ / \ |
/ \ / \ -- |----------
/ \ / \ |
/ \/ \ |

(a weekly guide to music in the demo scene)
- Date: 7/02/94 to 7/09/94 -
- by: Snowman -


NOTE: Although Mike Phillips copyrighted "Composers Competition(c)",
I have chosen not to use the (c) in this article for ease of reading.

.--.--..-.-..--..--..--..-- .--,
| | || | ||__|| ||__ |__ | /
"WHERE ARE THE RESULTS FOR | | || || | | || |-<
COMPOSER COMPETITION?" `--`--'` '| `--'`--'`-- | |

This has been the question on a lot -[ C O M P E T i T i O N ]-
of our minds for the past two months. / Win a Gravis Ultrasound \
In this special issue of Music Files | A World-Wide Music |
Weekly, we take a 'behind the scenes' | Composing Competition |
look at Composer's Competition. | Have your entry judged by: |
| |
We'll go under-cover and try to | RENAISSANCE / FUTURE CREW |
gain a better understanding of the | IMPHOBIA-CASCADA |
mysterious events surrounding this | BLACK DESIGN / WITAN |
internationally recognized competition. | |
| All star Judge list! |
You will be presented with un-bias | Purple Motion, C.C. Catch |
information in the form of interviews, | Skaven, Darkness, Daredevil |
in-depth analysis, and personal | Abyss, Neon, Zodiac |
happenings. | Alexander Poelma, And more! |
| |
Read on... \ Win a Gravis Ultrasound /

BACKGROUND INFORMATION (all information taken from CC1 Rules):

Composers Competition 1 was a competition for computer musi-
cians to enter their tunes and have them judged. The contest was
announced around February 14th of 1994.

Composers Competition was produced by:

Mike Phillips (digoxy@metronet.com) - Digital Oxygene BBS (WHQ)
Rob Butler (musicon@metronet.com) - Music Connection BBS

The winners were promised the following prizes:

A Gravis Ultrasound compliments of Advanced Gravis
2 free versions of Multi-Track Module Editor, manual and disks.
2 free versions of Farandole Composer, manual and disks.
3 free one year subscriptions to Digital Oxygene
3 free one year subscriptions to The Music Connection

The judges were:

Abyss, Purple Motion, and Skaven of FUTURE CREW
C.C.Catch, Daredevil, and StarScream of RENAISSANCE
Mr. Etch and Neon of BLACK DESIGN
Alexander Poelma and Jendrik Posche of WITAN
Darkness, NIC, and Zodiak of CASCADA
Mike Phillips, sysop of Digital Oxygene
Rob Butler, sysop of Music Connection

Rule #9:

"All entries must be on one of the official drop off sites
before May 15th, 1994. Any entries received after this date
will not be considered"


Before I continue, I think it only fair to advise you of my
own personal experience with Composers Competition. I hosted
Music Contest 1 in late 1993 and Mike Phillips was my right hand
man. He secretly planned Composers Competition in early 1994, and
put me in a very difficult decision. I could either join him and
help with CC1, or I could continue with my Music Contest ][. For
better or for worse, I decided to go ahead with MC][.
Because I was upset with Mike for doing Composer Competition,
shortly before CC1 was announced, I released a lengthy text file
to the general public stating how I felt about the situation. I
now regret some of the words I used, but the sentiment still
I am in NO WAY connected with Composer Competition. I was
opposed to it from the start. I write this article only as a
service to the demo community. Another motivation for my writing
this article is that it has grown tiresome to have to keep
answering letters about Mike's contest. I will do my best to
remain neutral in this issue and just present the FACTS.



1. By the time you read this article, Composers Competition will
have been over just shy of 2 months; and 2 months is an
unacceptably long period of time to process the voting.
2. The World Headquarters for CC1 has closed its doors forever on
June 16th, 1994. Digital Oxygene BBS has shut down perman-
3. Until the results for CC1 are in, there is a little question
as to who has the GUS that was offered as 1st prize.
Further, I wonder if Mike can be held LEGALLY ACCOUNTABLE
for keeping the GUS since he copyrighted the contest...


Interview with Mike Phillips:

On Sunday July 3rd, I called Mike Phillips to get to the heart
of this story. The conversation is loosely paraphrased below:

SM: Hello this is Snowman, is Mike Phillips there?
MP: Yes, this is Mike Phillips. What can I do for you?
SM: I am calling to inquire as to when we can expect the results
of Composers Competition to be in.
MP: Well, we're still waiting on a couple of voting forms.
SM: May I ask which groups havn't turned them in yet?
MP: Renaissance and Future Crew.
SM: So you mean Skaven, Purple Motion, Ryan Cramer, and C.C.Catch?
MP: That would be correct.
SM: And when are they supposed to have the forms to you?
MP: Well, we were trying to get them by the end of this week.
SM: Thank you. Goodbye.
MP: Goodbye.

Now, it did note occur to me until later that Ryan Cramer was
not one of the judges for CC1, but I figure that both Mike and I
forgot that fact while we were talking. However, I still called
Ryan to discuss the situation. Ryan did not have much more to add.

Then I called C.C.Catch, but he wasn't home and I have not
called back...

Mike's Mail:

It occured to me that I might check out and see when Mike
Phillips was last on Internet. I did what is called a "finger"
which tells you when someone was last logged on. The response is

[Snowman] : > finger digoxy@metronet.com
Login name: digoxy In real life: Mike Phillips
Directory: /v/digoxy Shell: /bin/csh
Last login Sat Apr 23 15:42 on tty2906

Then I thought I would do a "date" just show you when I was

[Snowman] : > date
Tue Jul 5 23:25:13 EDT 1994

Now, I am not a mathematician, but it seems to me that Mike
has not checked for mail in over 2.5 months. Since the last time
he checked his mail was 3 weeks before the end of the contest, we
can deduce that he does NOT collect voting forms through Internet.
If we put this together with the fact that his BBS went down,
we must wonder how he gets mail (including voting forms) at all.

Why did Digital Oxygene BBS Close?:

I have been told by a reliable source that Mike Phillips
closed Digital Oxygene in order to spend more time with his family.
Also, through talking to him, it appears that he is very busy with
his job, and has other obligations attend to.

Much of the hardware from the now-defunct Digital Oxygene has
been relocated to Music Connection BBS (also in Texas). This is a
pity, for it seemed that the old rivalry between Music Connection
BBS and Digital Oxygene BBS caused the sysops of each board to work
much harder at providing a better system for the user. I have con-
fidence that Rob Butler (sysop of Music Connection) will not rest
too long on his laurels, but will continue to provide a wonderful
service to the demo community.


You have been presented with a lot of information regarding
Composers Competition(c). If you are one of the many persons who
contributed a song to the competition, you may be feeling a bit
upset right now. I can not tell you that the results will never
come out. I CAN tell you that it would be reasonable to assume
they probably won't. However, I could be mistaken and they might
appear tomorrow. (I'm trying to cover my ass so you can't tell
me I'm wrong :)
When a contest is poorly organized, things like this will
In the mean time, I would all like you to download MY entry
into Composers Competition. Yes, its a little late, but just go
download it (/pub/msdos/demos/incoming/_1dand.zip).

-Snowman/dI&bP July 9th, 1994


Not much else since the CC1 article took so much time.

One song I heard this week really stands out:
Penetrating Light by Necros/PM
You can find it in the damg0794.zip music disk. I think its under


Assembly 94 - 27 days (August 5th - 7th)
Music Contest ][ - 52 days (September 1st)

(Note: all directories under WHERE start with /pub/msdos/demos/music..)

------------ -------------------- ------------------------------------
cyberch .zip /artists/firel Song by Firelight. Will be moved.
fragile .zip /artists/firel Song by Firelight. Will be moved.
heatseek.zip /artists/firel Song by Firelight. Will be moved.
progress.zip /artists/firel Song by Firelight. Will be moved.
storm .zip /artists/firel Song by Firelight. Will be moved.
15 .zip /artists/necros 15 Minute Long Song by Necros/PM
possess .zip /artists/necros Possession by Necros/PM (1 MEG s3m!)
damg0794.zip /disks/damg Damage #2, Nemesis w/Necros etc..
kne_gbr1.zip /disks GABBeR DISK #1 by KoNE
pnstigma.zip /disks Music Disk by Pinion
bomb-klf.zip /klf New KLF release
comp-klf.zip /klf New KLF release
that-klf.zip /klf New KLF release
gusdk221.zip /programs/code Gravis Sound Developers Toolkit 2.21
mdss031a.zip /programs/code MIDAS Sound System v0.31 (source)
apollo .zip /programs/misc APOLLO Digital Delay Program (32bit)
apollo91.zip /programs/misc same as above but newer version
dmp301 .zip /programs/players DMP v3.01
jukebox .zip /programs/players .ROL player (For memory book I guess
midp041d.zip /programs/players MIDAS Module Player v0.41 beta rev d
deepsea8.lzh /songs/mod Deep Sea Mystery, Mello-D/Sonic
smnogood.zip /songs/mtm No Good, Silent Mode/Pentagon
dugadug2.zip /songs/s3m Duga Duga, by Alexis (A FEMALE!)
grave .arj /songs/s3m Digger by ???
night2 .zip /songs/s3m Shades of Night ][, Basehead/Acid
pnsiphon.zip /songs/s3m New song by Pinion
weed! .zip /songs/s3m Weed by ???


------------ --------------------- ------------ ---------------------
flesh .lzh It deals with MIDI dmp300 .zip Old version
tz_theme.lzh It deals with MIDI midp041b.zip Old version
ultra150.zip Old version

* - Over 2 months old

Some upcoming issues already in the works:

"TASTE OF AMIGA" - Some new Amiga songs that make 4 channel
MODs look good again.
"FIRSTIES" - Really old songs (1987-1988). These date
back to Karsten Obarski and the original
"ASM94 PREVIEW" - An intensive article that picks apart the
rules of Assembly 94 and highlights what is
new this year.

Friendship rules,

-Snowman/DI + BP June 25th, 1994

-S- Project Leader : Music Contest #2 -S-
-N- MusicOp : hornet.eng.ufl.edu -N-
-O- Author : Music Files Weekly -O-
-W- Music and Code : Digital Infinity -W-
-M- Binary Puppets -M-
-N- Address : r3cgm@dax.cc.uakron.edu -N-



Well folks, last week we had some pretty serious LIGHTNING and my PHONE
and MODEM got caught in the crossfire (i.e. they both broke). The sad
part is the computer was off and the phone uses batteries. I guess it
goes to show ya that the $40 surge supressor is shit without a phone
line protector. Previous to this experience I have only lost two computers
to LIGHTNING but hey, this is FLORIDA and that is expected. The moral
of the story is INVEST the $30 - $100 in a GOOD surge protector that works
with the POWER and the TELEPHONE. I always thought a modem could'nt be
destroyed via the telephone line and if it could it would not happen to me.
Well, now I have PROOF and seeing IS believing.

Regarding the CD ROM that will contain DEMOS and digital audio from MC][ I
would like to know what people think about having all the files using
the same compression. i.e. would you care if some files used .LZH while
others used .ZIP or do you think it would be better to have ALL the files
in ONE format--namely ZIP.

We are still looking for ART to be included ON or in with the CD ROM.

Woops, some files did not have READ access on this site due to a recent
"chown" command by the sysadm. I believe I corrected the problem in all
the directorys with the exception of the MUSIC directory. chown - R 644 */*.*
did the trick...at least one level deep.

Hey, can anyone out there get me some chewing gum called "BLACKJACK." I
am interested in trying something different as all I ever see around here
is the BIG name brands. I heard the name of the gum in an excellent MOVIE.


SIGGRAPH (ftp siggraph.org for more info) is happening the week of the
Morrison v. Williams fight (I had to throw that in there). Oh, that is
the 24th through 29th of July in case you didn't know. This is a BIG
graphics convention with companies like PIXAR (cool animation movies) and
others showing off VR and graphics. Location is ORLANDO which is 3.5 hours
north of where I live. Is anyone out there going? Can anyone out there
get reduced ticket prices for me or anyone else into the demo scene?

WOODSTOCK '94: Happening August 13 & 14 somewhere in NEW YORK with about
20+ bands--some cool groups too. Anyone going to this show? This may be
worth the plane trip.

INFO@HOPE.NET: OF course if you go to WOODSTOCK then you will
miss HOPE--The first US Hacker Congress--which is happening in New York
City on the 13th and 14th also. Bad timing guys. HOPE (Hackers On
Planet Earth) makes a great location for a DEMO party. Maybe it can
be arranged--Anyone, Anyone.

DEAD AT 21 or whatever. The NEW MTV show appears Wed nights and Sat
mornings (10pm, 10:30am). I highly recommend it on the MUSIC alone--
tons of excellent music (depending on your taste though). The concept
is also pretty hip. So Check it OUT.


This newsletter reaches many people. IF YOU have anything you want to
say feel free to drop me a line. We are especially interested in upcoming
releases and demo group info.

Quote of the Week: "That's the news and I am outta here."
-- Dennis Miller / SNL

E-mail: dmw@eng.ufl.edu

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