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MODPlug Random Song Title / Rock Band Name Generator

Stuck on a title for your song? Need a crazy name for your band? Let the MODPlug Central title generator get your creative juices flowing with some randomly generated titles.

Just click the GIVE ME A TITLE button and you will be presented with a random title - do not enter any text into the form:


Just click on the button, and a song title (or band name - you be the judge) will appear in the box. Some of them may not make much sense, such as "Violent Violence", but you may like them anyway. You may even recognize the title of a popular song appearing, which may make you question where they got the title from in the first place... You can click on the button as much as you wish for a new randomly generated song title. (Remember - this is a randomly generated title and most likely won't make a whole lot of sense, but hopefully it will kick your mind into a creative mode)

The "Give Me A Title" button can be continuously pressed until you get a song title that you like. The "Re-Seed Generator" button will reload the page to generate a new random string of titles, if you notice that you get the same word(s) over and over. You can also click on the "SAVE TITLE" button to save the title in a list that you can copy and paste when you are finished generating song titles.

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